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Midnight Motel is guaranteed to bring you heavy, vile guitar rock. Unbuttoned lumberjack shirts, bold guys and raw guitar solos. "Midnight Motel is sex on guitars", according to well-known Dutch music blog “3voor12”.

The band plays rock in its purest form as it was meant, in your face, loud and melodic. These skilled rockers will make the walls drip with sweat, both in their own country as abroad, during their highly energetic and dynamic live shows.

The band has been working on recording their début album "Adrenaline Junkies" for the past two years which will be released in 2019. This fall their single and video "The Reason" will be released.

Midnight Motel

Band members

Coen van Noort
Coen van Noort
Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Gijs van Noort
Gijs van Noort
Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Tjari Zoontjes
Tjari Zoontjes
Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals