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Adrenaline Rock ‘n Roll

Midnight Motel is a High Energy Rock ’n Roll band from the Netherlands.

Formed in 2009, and with 2 studio albums to their name the band has been rocking for more than a decade.

Back in 2013 the band released their first album “Taste of Life” followed up by their latest album “Adrenaline Junkies” in 2020.

In 2022 the band recorded 2 new singles (Narcotic Blues & Wasted Time) in Antwerp. Both singles will be released during the year 2022.

Midnight Motel plays rock in its purest form as it was meant, in your face, loud and melodic.

During their highly energetic and dynamic live shows the crowd will be served with lots of filthiness and screamalongs.

“Midnight Motel is sex on guitars”, according to well-known Dutch music blog “3voor12”.



Midnight Motel is currently  working on a new album. In February 2022 the band recorded two new songs “Narcotic Blues”& “Wasted Time” in Antwerp @ Big Dog Recordings studio.

Two new music video’s will be shot upcoming months and the new singles will be released during the spring of 2022.

The band will return to Antwerp this summer and winter and will record and release new music untill the new album is fulfilled.

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